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Summer 2024 Choices
Join Mark on an Exciting Mission of sharing Great Books with
A Very Magical READasaurus Adventure,
Exploring Favorite Dinosaurs with your Summer Readers,
and the Joy of FoamnFun

for your Summer Kick-offs, Finales and In-between!
The Particulars

Mark's incredible offerings return this Summer! Creating a "Magical" setting to celebrate and explore!

​Renowned for his creative show sets, original programs, wonderful use of music, and folksy personality, Mark's programs are a sure winner and keep the kids asking for him back year after year!



The Mission and Fun of Summer Reading 2019

Highlights from a Rockin' Summer 2018

Summer Adventure Beckons

This Summer, choose from three awesome adventures for your kids with programing that brings true delight to young library audiences and librarians too!


We can't wait to celebrate summer fun as we bring The Magic of Summer Reading to your kids and families.

Mark Daniel_2018 Summer Banner v3.jpg
Invite Mark Today
Fees and Info

This program is available to you Monday through Friday, June through August for morning, afternoon, and early evening performances. Some Saturdays may be available also.

The cost for FoanmnFun or A Very Magical Reading Adventure is only $475.00

Dino Squad is only $550.00 (a $1500.00 value.) 

(These are special summer rates, available to Public Libraries only)

In Person visits include the first 100 miles of travel, round trip. (The mileage fee is $.50 a mile for each mile over 100, but don't worry if you're a library further afield we'll work with you.)  


If you need a second show/presentation at your library on the same day, no worries we have economical add on options. (These special prices are for library friends.)

Mark has never forgotten his special bond with Summer Reading, and the fact that the library and a wonderful children's librarian were instrumental to his career and life. You'll get an Original presentation from a seasoned professional, who is on time, and on theme, for you and your kids.

You've called Mark already haven't you? You know how crazy it gets with dates and you know he'll worry, so invite him today! Call Tami at 800-848-5634. 

Mark looks forward to seeing you and your Summer Readers Your Kids will love you for it!​


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Note: Based on our travel schedule, you'll always hear from us within 24 to 48 hours. (aside from Holidays) If you haven't noticed a reply please check your spam folder. Thanks!

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