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A Brand New adventure
Now Available Year-round



Unfolding The Adventure

The Sea monster adventure is a spinoff museum exhibit of the larger Traveling Dinos Museum experience, perfect for intimate spaces, and less expensive than bringing in the full museum.

Developed for today’s kids, it moves from passive to active throughout the 40 minute visit.

The Adventure in 3 Parts

First, a Welcome and amazing fossil touch experience, along with stories and booktalking !

Second, then a deep dive into the exhibit with a guided tour.

Third, The Visit rounds out with free explore with magnifying glasses and digital microscopes. 

From the fabulous background art of Disney and Paleo Artist, Phil Wilson to the Real fossils, models, great books, and stories The Sea Monster Adventure comes to life in your space, this is a kid/ family pleasing winner! 

Totally Unique!
KID Friendly, Family Friendly

and High Interest!

Sea Monster KID Favorites:

Plus, Pterosaurs, Whales, and Sharks

The Sea Monster Adventure is a Fabulous Exploration of an Ocean of Prehistoric Possibilities.


Mission Explore: The Sea Monster Adventure is a totally unique experience brought to you by Summer Reading OG, Magical Storytellier Mark Daniel, as we celebrate and study the magnificent creatures that have ruled the seas around the globe for millions of years!

Just Imagine, you’re a kid realizing
the size of a megalodon shark, the ferociousness of a mosasaur, (made famous in Jurassic World) and pondering the many fantastical prehistoric creatures of the sea.

Mission Explore: The Sea Monster Adventure captures that awe and magic as we share the real fossils, teeth, models, books, stories, and art of these amazing creatures!


The Pertinent Info:

It's easy to invite and host this exhibit, you provide the space, and some tables. We bring the rest.

 Mission Explore: The Sea Monster Adventure with hands on and active participation is suited for up to 40 kids per seating.

No worries, once we're there, add additional seatings, as needed, very reasonably.

The Sea Monster Adventure is designed for indoor presentations.

Note: Want an even more immersive and complete museum experience? Invite The Traveling Dinos Museum.

E mail us at or call 336-492-7870 or 800-848-5634 Today

Visit Fees and Info

Mark's Visits are available throughout the Summer and with many offerings all year around.

The cost for one program, is only $450.00 

In Person visits include the first 100 miles of travel, round trip. (The mileage fee is $.40 a mile for each mile over 100, but don't worry if you're a library further afield we'll work with you on ideas like below.)


​ You can add additional seatings/visits very reasonably on the same day, no worries we have available options and discounts.  (These special prices are for library friends.)

Mark has never forgotten his special bond with Summer Reading, and the fact that the library and a wonderful children's librarian were instrumental to his career and life. You'll get an Original presentation from a seasoned professional, who is on time, and on theme, for you and your kids.

You've called Mark already haven't you? You know how crazy it gets with dates and you know he'll worry, so invite him today! Call Tami at 800-848-5634. 

Mark looks forward to seeing you and your Summer Readers. Your KIDS will love you for it!​

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