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The Brand New
Expedition: Dino Squad
A Stand Alone Touring Exhibit from
The Traveling Dinos Museum and a unique experience celebrating and focusing on 4 iconic dinosaur groups! 


"Mr. Daniel this was the best day ever!"

"Mr. Mark, This was my most favorite place I've ever been"

Plus, we get to hear kid's  favorites, and see the kiddos that don't want to leave, and all of this makes for an incredible connection that many kids will never forget! 

The Expedition Begins
Just Imagine- What if this Summer we created another touring exhibit from the museum, that was also more economical than the full Traveling Dinos Museum?
What if we focused exclusively on 4 Kid favorite and iconic dinosaurs; T. rex, Triceratops, The Long Neck Sauropods like Diplodocus, and the Velociraptor? What if we featured the incredible fossils, models, the paleo art of Phil Wilson, and fantastic dino books?
What if we offered it in the style of The Museum and The Sea Monster Adventure in three stations: 1. The Welcome, Book Talk and Fossil Touch Beginning, 2. The Guided Tour, and 3. Free Explore with the the magnifying glasses and digital microscopes. Plus, as a huge surprise, what if the kids could come face to face with a full size velociraptor skeleton?

No more what ifs!
Welcome to Expedition: Dino Squad, A Special Traveling Dinos Exhibit featuring The Velociraptor Encounter!
You supply 6 tables, and the space, and we bring the rest.

Let's Dig into The Dino Squad

The Expediton: Dino Squad is the Second spinoff and Stand alone museum smaller exhibit of the larger Traveling Dinos Museum experience, perfect for intimate spaces, like the library, music, art, or "specials" room etc..

It's more economical than bringing in the full museum, and perfect for a grade level, Title 1 special event, Book Fair event, Science Special, and more.

Developed for today’s kids, it moves from passive to active throughout the 45 minute to an hour visit.

Expedition Stations in 3 Parts

First, a Welcome and amazing fossil touch experience, along with stories and book talking!

Second, an expedition into the exhibit with a guided tour.

Third, The Visit rounds out with free explore with magnifying glasses and digital microscopes.

And then the finale, with kids face to face with The Velociraptor Experience

From the fabulous background art of Disney and Paleo Artist, Phil Wilson to the fossils, museum quality models, great books, and stories- Expedition: Dino Squad comes to life in your space, and this is a kid/ family pleasing winner! 





Bring This Wonderful Experience to Your Kids Today!


Call Tami at 800-848-5634 or to arrange a Day and/or Family Involvement Evening Visit. Your Summer Readers
will Love You for It!

Dino Squad & Books:

A Reading Focus!

Mark's lifelong work with Children's books and reading continues with Traveling Dinos, Expedition Dino Squad and The Sea Monster Adventure.

From the beginning, to the end, books are incorporated in a way seen in no other museum/exhibit. As reference points, explanations, inspiration, and sheer fabulousness, great books help the exhibit come to life for your kiddos!

Did you know every classic children's fiction/non fiction series features at least one dinosaur book?

Terrific New Science Fiction and Science Non- fiction is coming at a rate like we've seen with few other areas of interest.

Over and over we've seen hard to reach kids connect with something in the museum that captivates them, which opens the pathway for you to guide them in areas of interest.

One of the coolest things that happens regularly is when we see a kid sitting in the middle of the hubbub of the visit leafing through one of the displayed books, lost in the pages.

Magic does happen here!
After all, it's what we do!
You did know you were in the Magic Business right?

This Visit Supports

STREAM Objectives


and celebrates the some of the most famous animals that ever roamed the earth!


Call Tami Today to Schedule Your Visit at 800-848-5634 or


Inviting Expedition: Dino Squad is Easy Peasy!

Tami or Mark will work with you on the best dates, and scheduling. We bring everything with us, you provide the space, the tables, and wonderful humans. (Approximately 6 tables.) We'll provide you with a guide to help you prepare and also understand the experience from start to finish.

Funding Ideas other groups have used are: 

  • Friends Group

  • Grants

  • Community Sponsors

  • Book Fair

Contact Tami Today to Bring this Amazing Exhibit and Adventure to You!

800-488-5634 or 336-492-7870


Discover the Complete

Traveling Dinos Museum,

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The Pertinent Info:

It's easy to invite and host this exhibit, you provide the space, and some tables. We bring the rest and arrive about 2 hours prior to load in and set the exhibit, dismantling and loading out is about half that time.

Expedition: Dino Squad with hands on and active participation is approximate Length is 45 minutes per session.

The exhibit is priced for a single session, and  additional sessions are discounted.

Also available as a Half day =  3 sessions, a full day fee is 5 sessions.

Add a Family Night Visit to the exhibit for just a bit extra.

Note: Want an even more immersive and complete museum experience? Invite The Traveling Dinos Museum.

E mail us at or call 336-492-7870 or 800-848-5634 Today


Expedition: Dino Squad

is a part of the Family of Presentations of

The Traveling Dinos Museum

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