Celebrate Reading Year Round

In The Library

​Invite Mark with These Great Choices!

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Inspiring Smiles and Memories

throughout December

Invite Mark out to play on A

Marvelously Seussaurian Day

Mid - February through March


A Jurassically Fantastic Museum

to WOW your KIDS!



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Library Programming for Young Audiences Summer Reading and Year Round with

The Summer Reading Professional!




Mark Daniel has presented over a thousand performances in public libraries resulting in a reputation as one of the best in the business and the country! Dependable, easy to work with, on time, great with kids, and a unique, always new performance each year adds up to a sure fire winner for your kids and their families! You've "got the guy!"

Give Tami a call at 800-848-5634 or e mail us below to Invite Mark Daniel, magical storyteller today!

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