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Make It A Dinoriffic Dinovember!


As Good as Warm Milk & Cookies

  Joyfully Christmas

A December Treat & Tradition!


   Magical Storytelling

   The Foamy Hit Sensation!

The 5th Season of  FoamnFun 2024

The Summer Reading Fun Hit!

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A Library Winner for You and Your Kids!

1.We Make It Easy Peasy for You!
2. Always On Time, and On Theme, So There's
No Worries for You!
3. Kids Love Mark!
4. Librarians Appreciate His Professionalism
5. He Always Brings New Programs for You!
6. Kids Love the Amazing Show/Museum Sets, Great Sound, Awesome Music, Cool Props and Fun!

Mark's Makes Summer
& Year-Round Magical!

We're Serving up a Menu of Amazing Possibilities

Just for You!
1. Inside Visits, with Joyfully Christmas, Expedition: Dino Squad, Mission Explore: The Sea Monster Adventure, or the full museum experience of Traveling Dinos.

2. Outside Events during the Summer with a FoamnFun Party that is an out of the ballpark winner for your kids for Kick-offs,  program days, and Finales!

You'll get unique programming for your kids from a passionate authority on children's books, lover of science and fun!
Mark Daniel is one of the most creative, and original performers in the country!
A kid whisperer who skillfully combines storytelling, puppetry, magic tricks, booktalking and audience participation, his unique approach, coupled with dependability, and immense likability, have him invited again and again to libraries in everywhere.

We're excited to share Summer Reading and Year-round  Fun with You and Your Kids!

 Year- Round Programming for You in The Library, and Your Kids for Storytime, Special Patron Events and anytime!
Choose from:
2022 Dino Squad Banner v2.png
Traveling Dinos Banner 2.png

Click on Each Bookmark for Full Info

A Wonderful December Treat for Your

Kids and

Their Families

Highlights from Summer Reading 2019

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Note: Based on our travel schedule, you'll always hear from us within 24 to 48 hours. (aside from Holidays) If you haven't noticed a reply please check your spam folder. Thanks!

Plus, Highlights from Summer Reading 2018

An Advenure to The Amazing

Green Valley Book Fair!

And Highlights from Summer Reading 2017

Lovely Summer Reading Tour Memories

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